I've taken another step into the social media arena. I've created an Instagram account and here it is ... It's mainly for my little poems/quotes thoughts and reflections and most shall be handwritten. Thanks for reading 🙂


Idleness, Reluctance & Apprehension

One word to sum up the progress of my next book ... Idle   However, having said that, I think perhaps the idleness was needed. I have printed a good chunk of my poems and they've been sitting on a bookshelf, resting, awaiting my attentions. I look at the pile everyday and know I won't … Continue reading Idleness, Reluctance & Apprehension

Two 5 Star Reviews of After the Rain

My poetry book, After the Rain, has had its first two reviews! 🙂 Here is Diane Denton's review from Goodreads. ~ I’ve been following Martin Shone’s blog, taken pleasure, been reassured and inspired by his poetry for many years. I keep his first two collections close by and often pick them up to randomly open … Continue reading Two 5 Star Reviews of After the Rain

WIP Elemental Love Story

A few random snippets from my WIP. A rather surreal kind of elemental love story. I haven't touched it for over a year but I reckon I ought get back into it at some point. ~ As in art, there is point at which the viewer’s eye is drawn. Sometimes several of these points appear … Continue reading WIP Elemental Love Story

After the Rain video

I've just recorded myself reading five poems from my book After the Rain.

After the Rain: Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Amazon

  My book, After the Rain, is now available at Barnes & Noble, Lulu and Amazon for the price of £7.50. The book contains over 100 poems of Love, Nature, Humanity, Romance and Passion. Thank you for your continued support.

Indra’s Net – Book Bus – Child Literacy

Three of my poems were chosen to be included in this anthology in aid of The Book Bus a charity which aims to improve child literacy rates in Africa, Asia and South America by providing children with books and the inspiration to read them. All profits from this international anthology of poetry published by … Continue reading Indra’s Net – Book Bus – Child Literacy